Natural Smoke Ventilation

Electec Solutions offers a complete package for natural smoke ventilation systems. Our comprehensive services deliver cost effective and compliant smoke ventilation solutions that meets all current British Standards and Approved Document B.

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In the event of a fire on a particular floor, lobby vents will open on this floor only, natural air flow dynamics will push the smoke out of the lobby vents while all other floor vents remain locked to stop distribution of smoke from one floor to another, at the same time, the top of stairs vent will open to keep stair ways clear of smoke. Natural smoke ventilation system can be achieved by installing automatic opening vents (AOVs) to external walls, or by a vertical smoke shaft where external walls are not available. Both methods enable safe evacuation of occupants and safe entry to the building to fire fighters, it is reliable, cost effective and meet all the requirements of all British standards and Approved Document B.

Our natural smoke ventilation systems offer a great deal of energy efficiency and cost effective. From initial design, installation and commissioning to ongoing routine servicing, we offer a total hassle free solutions and approach.

Why Natural Smoke Ventilation?

  • -Cost Effective.

  • -Energy Efficient.

  • -Environmentally friendly.

  • -Robust & reliable.

  • -Meets all British standards and Approved Document B requirements.

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