Mechanical Smoke Ventilation

Where Natural Smoke Ventilation is not an option then Mechanical Smoke Control System comes into play, one of its key benefit and reason to use is that it requires a much smaller smoke shaft than of a natural smoke shaft, it works by extracting the smoke out of the lobby dampers by the extraction fan on top of the smoke shaft and dispose it to the open air.

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In the event of a fire on a particular floor, dampers will open on this floor only, extraction fan on top of the smoke shaft will extract the smoke out of the lobby while all other floor dampers remain locked to stop distribution of smoke from one floor to another. At the same time, the top of stairs vent will open to keep stairways clear of smoke. Mechanical Smoke Control System enables safe evacuation of occupants and safe entry to the building to fire fighters, it is reliable and meets all the requirements of all British standards and Approved Document B.

Our mechanical smoke ventilation systems offer a great deal of reliability and meet a wide range of building types and architectural requirements. From initial design, installation and commissioning to ongoing routine servicing, we offer a total hassle free solutions and approach.

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